Thursday, December 21, 2006


More USS Neverdock Gaffes

Regular readers will know that one of my hobbies is finding extreme right-wing blogs and shooting down their arguments with facts. Unfortunately, the job is made much harder when they start moderating comments, and then not publishing anything that doesn't agree with them.

The latest joke from USS Neverdock is the headline "UK - Mohammed most popular baby name". You'd think from the headline that Mohammad is the most popular baby name in the UK. However, you'd be wrong. If you happen to read the linked article (unlike Marc, USS Neverdocks chief comedian) you'll find it's actually the 22nd most popular.

Still, don't bother to let Marc know his glaring mistake, as he won't publish your comments.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Woman Beaten For Not Sitting at Back of Bus

Sorry to disappoint you if you thought this was going to be another story of Muslim extremism: this was in Israel. As if more proof were needed that all religons are as evil as each other, Israeli extremists can be just as bigoted, self-rightous and hypocritical as anyone else on the planet.


More Evidence That Blair is a Spineless Liar

"At no time did [the government] assess that Iraq's WMD (or any other capability) posed a threat to the UK. On the contrary, it was the commonly-held view among the officials dealing with Iraq that any threat had been effectively contained ... At the same time, we would frequently argue, when the US raised the subject, that 'regime change' was inadvisable, primarily on the grounds that Iraq would collapse into chaos."
- Carne Ross, a diplomat at Britain's UN mission in New York, giving secret evidence to Lord Butler's enquiry into Iraq.

Needless to say, the Government originally covered this up and threatened him with the Official Secrets Act. If Blair knew the above, where did the 45 minutes come from? And where was Blair's supposed influence on America when it would have saved thousands of lives, both British and Iraqi, when he knew that chaos would ensue? He's just George Bush's yes-man, and he has knowingly put peoples lives at risk for political reasons. How much longer do we have to put up with a man that put's America's interests first, and makes the world a more dangerous place?

Monday, December 18, 2006


Crime Is A-Okay!

..As long as there is a profit to be made! That's the message from our Government - "we won't investigate any fraud if it could affect business interests", as obviously business interests take precendence above everything else, such as a having a government and society that respects the law.

And as if the whole thing wasn't fishy enough, the SFO itself actually disagrees with Lord Goldsmith, who said that there was no chance of any charges being brought. Why do we need a Serious Fraud Office, manned by hundreds of staff, when Lord Goldsmith seems to be able to complete an investigation all on his own in a matter of days?

Friday, December 15, 2006


Don't Worry, Your Personal Details Are Safe

...unless they are on a Government database, in which case they're probably already publicly available. However, I'm sure the ID card database and medical details database will be completely different. The Government has assured us it will be the world's first completely secure database. Not like you have a choice as to whether you are on it or not - two-thirds of people on the police DNA database are completely innocent.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


The War on Terror

Routine and systematic torture is at the heart of America's war on terror.

Are we supposed to be the side of truth and justice? Here are a few highlights in case you are in any doubt:

* The Detainee Abuse and Accountability Project (DAA), a coalition of academics and human-rights groups, has documented the abuse or killing of 460 inmates of US military prisons in Afghanistan, Iraq and at Guantánamo Bay.

* Prisoners held by the US military at Bagram airbase in Afghanistan were made to stand for up to 13 days with their hands chained to the ceiling, naked, hooded and unable to sleep.

* Some 25,000 US prisoners are currently held in isolation

* At Pelican Bay in California, where 1,200 people are held in the isolation wing, inmates are confined to tiny cells for 22 and a half hours a day. More than 10% of the isolation prisoners at Pelican Bay are now in the psychiatric ward.

* No officer has yet been held to account for torture practised by his subordinates.

It makes me vomit when I think that Tony Blair has dragged us into this farcical "war on terror" on the side of the kind of people who do this.

Monday, December 11, 2006


We're in Trouble When,,,

...Liam Byrne, the Immigration Minister, uses the argument "If you've got nothing to hide then why are you worried about ID cards?", which is the worst argument for ID cards ever. Do I want everyone to know how much I earn, or if I have any diseases?

And in a case of typical hypocricy, why are they hiding the true cost of ID cards from us? What have they got to hide?

Saturday, December 09, 2006


USS Neverdock Errata

I feel it my duty to report the complete lack of concurrency between the headlines in the blog USS Neverdock and the articles it links to, especially since comments are moderated there and dissent is never published. Here are some recent examples:-

What's scary is that the author of USS Neverdock used to work for US Intelligence! No wonder they thought there were WMD's in Iraq if this is as good as their analysis gets!

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Christian Hypocrisy and General Evilness

I'm sure christianity has some good points, at least when it's not being forced to pay compensation to abuse victims. However, if you're in any doubt that this religion is not a good thing, here are a few quotes from one single page of

* The Government is planning sweeping gay rights laws which threaten to curtail religious liberty. The new sexual orientation regulations will make 'homophobic' discrimination illegal in many aspects of life.
* Why gay and straight relationships should not be equal in the eyes of the law.
* Looking specifically at Scotland, this report shows why the Scottish Executive should keep the law that bans local authorities from promoting homosexuality

I'm not making this stuff up! And this is only one page!

(Thanks to Obsolete for the heads-up.)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Entertainment Vultures

What is it about certain people in the entertainment industry? Not content with having an award ceremony every other day, insisting on having their name plastered over everything they do, and being paid for 50 years for doing one day's work, they now want to increase this time to 95 years. Thankfully though, it doesn't look like it's going to happen.
What would it be like if every industry was the same? Every time we start our car, we would be forced to watch the logo of the car company unfold before us first. Our washing machines would be covered in the names of all the people who help to build it. And every time we want to us it, the engineer who built it gets 10p from the water company (which would be added t our water bill). The engineer would also have long since retired after doing his day's work.

I had the misfortune to here Katie Morose on Radio 4's PM yesterday lamenting the fact that soon, poor Ringo Starr was going to stop being paid for some drumming work he did about 50 years ago. I was in tears I tell you. When will this injustice end? I'm going to send him a cardboard box, as no doubt he'll have nowhere to live soon.

And if I'm being really cynical, the reason why Cliff is so worried is cos he's not done anything worth buying for 50 years.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Selective Quoting

You may have seen the following quote by the BBC correspondent Justin Webb at the top of various extremist and hypocritical blogs like USS Neverdock and The American Expatriate.

"America is often portrayed as an ignorant, unsophisticated sort of place, full of bible bashers and ruled to a dangerous extent by trashy television, superstition and religious bigotry, a place lacking in respect for evidence based knowledge. I know that is how it is portrayed because I have done my bit to paint that picture..."
Yes, they stop the quote right there, for to continue would undermine their agenda. However, I feel it is my duty to inform the rest of the world that the rest of the line is actually "and that picture is in many respects a true one."

You can see why always leave that bit out. The American Expatriate in particular follows the quote with it's own words "Justin Webb, in a remarkably frank admission of his role in misinforming the British public..", which raises the blog to new levels of hypocrisy. A pot and kettle metaphor should probably be used here.

The original BBC article is here.


Rendition Flight Details

There's been a new website set up that details the flights between the secret prisons set up by the government of the supposed Land of the Free (tm) - with the complicit help of most others of course. Find the details here, and don't let them drop the issue.

Monday, December 04, 2006


There are non-Muslim Terrorists!

Yes, I know it's crazy! It may be a hoax, but someone not affiliated with Muslims has been prosecuted for bona-fide bomb plotting. You probably didn't read about it in the media. I never saw it.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Are MP's Stupid?

"Motorists must pay". Good idea - all this time they've been travelling for free. Back in reality of course, the only people who travel for free are the MP's themselves who get a ridiculous 40p per mile or something.

Don'tt they realise that motorists already pay by the mile, with a thing called petrol? Whenever I hear about some newfangle techno-scheme, like using cameras to read numberplates to charge motorists, I think Are MP's stupid? Just add the charge to petrol!

Many motorists, myself included, would probably like to use public transport when we can. But once we've paid for the car, the insurance, MOT, and tax, where's the incentive to then use a bus?

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